International Shipping Policy

Propzters - Our shipping Policy ( International)

1. Shipping Cost:-
"Propzters", we have decided to serve our local customers @free of cost on the order value is above INR.1000/- and we have finalised the all our international shipping will be charged to the customer in actuals leading shipping cargo compnies like ( DHL , shiprocket etc.,)

2. Delivery Period
Propzters, we have a policy of delivery within 6-8 days from the date of confirmation of order and in case of international delivery based on the volume we will deliver within 10-12 working days to shipping companies and additonal time of delivery as per the shipping companies standard delivery time to designated compnaies

3. Packaging
Propzters, we practice the best of packing standards according to the dimension of the product with proper material which helps the prodcut reach our customers with out any damage

4. Expection handling
Propzters, We ensure our clients will get their queries answered within 24 hrs through email, whatsapp to our official mail id : mobile no. +91 9487789968

5. Delivery intimation
Propzter, we intimate our clients through whatapps and mail on the confimation of placing the order and we initimate the clients on delivery information such as waybill no. tracking url and number of package/s through their registered mail or phone number with us .

6. Handling of retuns and cancellation
Propzters, aassure our clients we deliver the quality props, packed safe and secure to reach our client , any manufactruing defects will be identified and rectified before shipping and the a prodcut video and packing vdo will be shared with our clients to ensure the quality of the product. any physical damage during shipping Propzters wont entertain the same for any replacement of repair charges. once the order has been place we wont entraint any cancellation or refund at any point of time

7. Late or damaged recepit
Propzters, please refer Point no.2 and point no. 6. wrt to late or damaged recepit of Goods